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Blockbuster Express: NEW DVD Codes *Updated*

Use these codes for a FREE rental from Blockbuster Express (updates in BLUE):

Expire 10/13: 
  • 7650BW8
  • 65DWTM7
  • 73MAYB6
  • 74ABDP3
  • 97KRFT5
  • 63SLRH5
  • 49WHZS3
  • 24NCCC7

Expire 10/17:
  • 8650BW9
  • 75DWTM8
  • 36MAYB5
  • 37ABDP5
  • 37KRFT6
  • 26SLRH6
  • 37WHZS4 
  • 73NCCC5

Thanks MoJo Savings!

    Locate your nearest Blockbuster Express kiosk, or use the codes to reserve your movie online. Are you new to renting DVD’s from a Blockbuster Express kiosk? Here are some tips for you:
    • Codes can be used once per debit/credit card
    • Rentals are due by 9pm the next day, or you are charged $1 + tax per additional night
    • Cases are delicate, DO NOT try to pry them open. DVD’s “slide” out from case
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