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Win A $25 Starbucks Gift Card

I’ve decided to award ONE lucky Coupon Clippin’ Daddy reader a $25 Starbucks Gift Card! This should help with your daily caffeine fix…for a few days at least.

To enter, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!!!

Disclaimer: Prize was purchased by me personally. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. charity schroder says:

    I love blended white mochas!

  2. Tiffany S says:

    I wanna win!! I never win anything. lol

  3. Nikki Elkins says:

    Carmel frappucino

  4. charity schroder says:
  5. Darcy W. says:

    I don’t really have a favorite because I don’t really go there often enough due to the price…BUT white mochas are always yummy :)

  6. I love me some Starbucks! Bring it on Sir!

  7. Sonya Neely Blanton says:

    I LOVE the Starbucks Vanilla Frappucino! Thanks so much for the chances to win! =D

  8. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I love their sweet tea, so light and refreshing!

  10. Kelly Andres says:

    My favorite is a Caramel Frappacino

  11. Jennifer Edington says:

    Java chip Frapp is my fav…thank-you for this raffle :)

  12. Petra Starr says:

    I love the caramel frappucino :)

  13. Jennifer Pruneda says:

    Favorite drink Java Chip Frap.

  14. Iced Coffee

  15. Caramel Macchiato

  16. Tammy Schweitzer says:

    I love he passionfruit iced tea there thanks

  17. Thanks for all you do. I love your FB posts!!

  18. Oh I love anything with carmel!!


  20. caramel frapp

  21. love me some skinny vanilla lattes!

  22. Christie says:

    They all are. Caffeine is caffeine. :)

  23. valorie gomes says:

    carmel macchiato is the best I just love it, but I enjoy their regualr coffe and iced coffee too.

  24. I like their hot chocolate.

  25. Marianne Royster says:

    earl grey latte.

  26. Grande, nonfat two pump, no whip mocha

  27. Christy Grimsbo says:

    My favorite drink is the white chocolate mocha frappucino!! Love it!! :)

  28. hot chocolate!!!!!

  29. skinny vanilla latte

  30. Mocha latte

  31. Tessa Rodarte Iverson says:

    Venti Decaf black and white mocha or a cream based white chocolate and caramel frappacino

  32. Caramel Frap! :)

  33. Cafe Miso with a caramel shot!

  34. green tea! <3

  35. Shanttii Pitchford says:

    Caramel Macchiato!!! Strawberries and Creme Frap! Caramel Frap! OH MY!!

  36. Annmarie says:

    Carmel Frap!

  37. Vesta Mason says:

    I love their Mocha Frappucinos with a shot of expresso! Thanks SO much for the giveaway!!!

  38. iced tea

  39. I like the Caramel Frappuccino! or White Chocolate.. or Green Tea smoothie… or Chai. Yeah, too many choices :)

  40. Sherry J. says:

    Mocha Frappuccino of course!

  41. Cassandra Tucker says:

    I love the frappes, but I never let myself have one, I usually stick with skinny lattes!

  42. Cinnamon Dolce Latte!

  43. Andrea Williams says:

    Mocha Frappuccino

  44. My fave drink is a Venti quad no fat extra hot latte

  45. Java chip frapps.

  46. marci h says:

    That would be Hot Chocolate :)

  47. My favorite is a mocha frap

  48. Kisha Cotton says:

    venti white mocha frappacino with toffee nut

  49. Vanilla frappacino

  50. Salted caremel latte

  51. Pinky Sade says:

    Caramel frap

  52. Barbara says:

    Caramel frappuccino is my favorite summer drink!

  53. Lucinda says:

    Hot Chocolate

  54. Teresa Thompson says:

    Caramel Macchiato

  55. Melissa B says:

    Carmel Frappe

  56. caramel frap :)

  57. Tricia Tanner says:

    Iced Green Tea!

  58. I don’t really have a favorite drink in particular.

  59. Marcia Goss says:

    My favorite drink is a caramel latte.

  60. grande Carmel frappicino with whip cream and extra Carmel

  61. Carolsue says:

    I like Iced Chai Tea Lattes
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  62. Sandi Hall says:

    Hot chocolate with whipped cream!

  63. Caramel light frappuccino with wip and extra caramel!

  64. stephanie dewaide says:

    my fav is a caramel frapp with two shots, no whipped cream

  65. liz basily says:

    My favorite is the holiday flavors like gingersnap and pumpkin spice

  66. jennifer dansberger jones says:

    a venti mocha cookie crumble extra shot no whip

  67. jennifer dansberger jones says:
  68. kylee robinson says:

    Venti White Chocolate Frapuccino with 2 pumps white choc, 1 pump caramel, 1 pump coconut. Yummy deliciousness!!

  69. Tanya Wilde says:

    Caramel frappicino

  70. Jennifer Rogers says:

    Mocha Cappicino!

  71. love the new blonde roasts

  72. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I like to order 6 shots with a pump of white mocha over ice in a Venti cup

  73. Samantha K says:

    I like the caramel frapp.

  74. Mary Whitman says:

    My favorite is white chocolate mocha! Yum now I need to go get one:)

  75. Karenly S. says:

    LOVE WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHAS! Hope I get lucky, THANKS for the opportunity.

  76. Jennifer says:

    I would sooo love to win this!!! Thanks for the chance.

  77. Julie Adams says:

    Tazo Chai Tea Latte

  78. Marcia Goss says:
  79. Tracy Robertson says:

    My favorite is a nonfat latte.

  80. Karen Howard says:

    Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino!

  81. Anthony Lands says:


  82. Jennifer Rogers says:
  83. crystal kelley says:

    ive never been at starbucks but i like ice coffee

  84. I love the Frappacino’s

  85. Marcia Goss says:
  86. kim akers says:

    Caramel frappucino

  87. beth m. says:

    not sure about favorite drink but I’ll guess chocolate mocha frappuccino

  88. Dominique Vega says:

    Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel upside down…. MMMM!

  89. april mort says:

    Caramel Machiatto

  90. britta wix says:

    Caffe Mocca

  91. april mort says:
  92. Paul Pietrzak says:

    Caramel Apple Cider

  93. maria beas says:

    caramel frap

  94. Rebecca says:

    I wonder what the refreshers taste like?;)

  95. Jennifer says:

    I REALLY want to be picked!!!

  96. melanie garibay says:

    I love iced white chocolate mochas! And thank you for this opportunity.

  97. Kelly Craig says:

    I love their Hot Chocolate! :)

  98. Kasee Johnson says:

    A Java Chip Frappuccino with a shot of Peppermint!

  99. Kasee Johnson says:
  100. Carmel Hazelnut Latte is delicious!

  101. brooke t says:

    double chocolate chip frap

  102. My favorite is sugar-free, coffee frap.

  103. Mrs. Larson says:

    iced vanilla latte

  104. Sara Wood says:

    Iced Caramel Macchiato

  105. Emilie C says:

    Cinnamon dulce frapps!

  106. melanie g says:

    A plain o’le coffee frappacino is my fave!

  107. Java chip Frappuccino

  108. Kathleen Downes says:

    Java Chip Frapp.

  109. Robin Blankenship says:

    Carmel frappucino

  110. lisa elliot says:

    soy sugar free caramel latte~ **ICED**

  111. A Caramel Frappuccino

  112. Betsy Barnes says:

    My favorite Starbucks drink is the Caramel Macchiato :)

  113. jennifer horn says:

    I like the caramel frappe.

  114. Calshondra Williams says:

    Mocha frappucino with Caramel drizzle

  115. Elizabeth Courchesne says:

    Iced Passion Tea Lemonade!! Nom !

  116. Tracy Eastland says:

    Iced Quad Breve Latte!!! Yummy!!!

  117. Marcia Goss says:
  118. Marcia Goss says:
  119. Marcia Goss says:
  120. Mocha Frap frozen. Latte hot.

  121. Jillian Smith says:

    My favorite drink is a skinny vanilla latte

  122. michele hamaker says:

    anything with mocha, but i am very fond of the salted caramel mocha.

  123. rebecca day says:

    white chocolate mocha

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